Since 1978, National Register USA has been providing Corporate America with superior executive search and sales recruiting services that are continually praised by our clients. Every search starts with our proprietary, in-house software that warehouses over 200,000 names of sales and sales leadership professionals, most of whom are not posted to a job site. We keep all of our recruiting efforts “in-house” – never using sub contractors or splits with other agencies.

Our teams of researchers and recruiters specialize in finding top sales talent across a variety of disciplines including medical, pharmaceutical, business-to-business, software, hardware, cloud technologies and many others. We also conduct high-level executive search for our clients.

We believe that there is nothing more effective than taking your message one-on-one to the best talent in the marketplace – not just those posted to job boards.


Your Search is a team effort.

At National Register USA, an entire research and sales recruitment team will be deployed to start your search – not just one recruiter. A project manager will be assigned to lead this team of recruiters and research associates. The team approach allows for simultaneous activity in our database and on the Web. This typically means a much faster return of recruited candidates. In a recent search, the VP of HR commented, “You already have three of our positions moving to offer stage. The other firms are just now starting to submit their candidates.”

wolvesWhy work with a lone wolf recruiter when you can hire the pack?

We attack the whole market with sources that you don’t have.

Our teams will make four simultaneous strikes to the active candidate market and vet out the best for you:

  1. Calls to “the hidden talent” (those in our database not actively posted on job sites, but open to hear of superior opportunities);
  2. Calls to our database seeking referrals to latent talent;
  3. Internet research – contacting passive candidates on LinkedIn and other hiring sites;
  4. Recruitment advertising on hundreds of niche sites to generate candidate flow.

We start with your requirements, culture and values.

We start with a detailed consultation with you regarding your company, your products/services, your culture and your hiring managers. We want to know about your best hires and the attributes and experiences of your top people. We will ask you where you want your hires to come from, and will make recommendations of other backgrounds and industries you may want to consider.

We have a near 100% completion rate for exclusive searches we conduct.

When you truly partner with us as an extension of your own recruiting effort, it is highly likely that we will find the recruit you are looking for. Many of our clients rely on us as their primary outside source of talent.

Let’s get started.

Whether you are making a critical hire in your sales leadership, replacing a key sales person or expanding a sales force across the US, National Register USA can spearhead your recruiting initiative.

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