Candidate FAQ

What happens to my resume once I submit it to you?

Because of the sheer volume of resumes we receive, it is not possible to make personal contact with every person who submits a resume. However, the following internal procedure occurs with each resume we receive:

  • Our staff will review your resume to determine if there is a current search for which you would potentially qualify. If there is a potential match, you will hear from one of our recruiters within a couple of business days.
  • If your background does not fit a current search, but you are determined to be a potential future recruit, your resume will be uploaded into our database and “skill coded” to surface on future searches.

Is there a charge for your services?

No, our fees are all paid by our employer clients. The addition of your resume to our database is free. Since employers pay our fees, we do not provide counseling services to candidates unless you have been selected by a client company for an interview.

Who has access to your database, and who will view my resume?

Only National Register USA recruiters have access to this database.

If I am selected by one of your clients for an interview, what services do you provide?

Our recruiters will counsel you through every step of the interview process. You can expect:

  • a thorough presentation on any position that your background may qualify you for;
  • the personal selling of your background to that employer;
  • advice on resume improvement;
  • interview preparation including company web page, corporate culture, specific strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy, etc.;
  • feedback from the interview;
  • problem solving through the interview process;
  • income advice and negotiation; and
  • resignation assistance, counteroffer pitfalls.

Does your company function as a candidate placement service?

The term “placement service” connotes a service which works on behalf of the candidate—marketing them to potential employers. While we ultimately do place candidates from our database, we function strictly as a recruiting service for employers who pay all of our fees. We encounter many people with excellent backgrounds that we are not able to place on current assignments. Our recruiters have 100-200 searches in process at any one time, but most of them are for very specific backgrounds as determined by our client employers. If you are selected by an employer for an interview, we will give as much professional advice as possible to assist you through the interview process.

I am changing careers and would like to get into sales. Can you help me?

Since employers pay our fees to “buy” specific experiences, we generally are unable to place career changers who do not have sales experience.

Do you place entry-level sales candidates?

From time to time, an employer seeks our assistance to identify accomplished recent college grads or candidates with limited sales experience. Since employers are paying us a fee to find specific employment experience, we do not have an overwhelming number of entry-level searches. You may see which entry-level positions are available by selecting the “Opportunities” button on this page and choosing “Entry Level” as the skill selection. In any regard, we would encourage recent grads who desire to get into the field of sales to send their resumes to us. If an entry-level search is pending, our recruiters will make a selection from those who have sent resumes. If you are entry level and do land a sales position, we would encourage you to update us with your new status. We then can begin to track your career growth and make you aware of outstanding opportunities available for candidates who have obtained some sales experience. We place many candidates years after entry into our database.

I have sent my resume to you on a number of occasions but have never heard from one of your recruiters. Why?

The market is very competitive and we can only interact with candidates whose backgrounds are of interest to our client employers (see above—”Does your company function as a candidate placement service?”) With hundreds of active candidates in a given geographical location, an employer may only choose to interview 3-5 people for a given opportunity. The reasons for not selecting certain resumes are numerous, but the most common are:

  • Too many job changes (many employers will reject candidates with more than two or three jobs in five years).
  • Lack of a four-year degree. Most of our clients require this.
  • Resume does not quantify sales accomplishments (stack rankings, sales volumes, percent against quota, awards, trips etc.).
  • Resume does not state what product was being sold on each job.
  • Resume does not state the title of the person being called on or the industry being sold to.
  • Resume job objective does not match the position applied for.

I am highly accomplished in sales, have a stable background, show excellent accomplishments on my resume and I still haven’t been contacted by your recruiters. Why?

As stated earlier, we receive many excellent resumes that simply do not match the existing body of searches being conducted. While this may be frustrating, please remember that your listing with us is a free service to you so that you might be found when an opportunity does present itself.

How long does my resume remain active in your database?

Unless we hear otherwise from you, the system gives candidates an active status for 90 days. However, we place many candidates years after their initial entry to the database. As a part of the “hidden” job market, you may be contacted for an exceptional opportunity at any time.

I saw a position on your web page that I feel qualified for. I have not heard from anyone yet. Why?

If you responded to a job posting on our web page, you can be assured that your credentials were reviewed with that position in mind. Unfortunately, every candidate cannot be chosen to move forward to an interview. There are many reasons why this occurs:

  • A client company may only choose to interview 2 or 3 candidates from a pool of dozens who are on the target list.
  • Your resume is in competition with many other resumes for superior openings.
  • Positions on our web page remain active until they are filled, even though the client may not be entertaining new candidates because of current people in process.
  • There may be more selection criteria being used than the brief descriptions in ads or on the web page.
  • Our recruiters may have selected other candidates already registered into the database before we received your resume.
  • Remember, our mission is to first satisfy the employers who drive our revenues and we are restricted by their search criteria. Our service to you is free but can only be provided if your background is selected by a particular employer.


Our service is without charge to those candidates who ultimately meet specifications as defined by our employers. We can only serve candidates who are selected by these employers. For those who are selected, we mean to provide excellence:

  • In the quality of the information conveyed about the positions we represent.
  • In the quality of the advice that we give regarding interviewing, market status and career advancement.



  • Sales Representatives
  • Account Managers
  • Major Account Representatives
  • Enterprise/National Account Managers
  • Global Account Managers
  • Government Account Managers
  • Pre/Post-Sales Support
  • Sales Engineers
  • Solutions Architects/Principal Consultants
  • Product Managers

Sales Management:

  • Sales Trainers
  • Sales Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • District Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales Managers

Sales Executives:

  • National Sales Managers
  • Directors/Vice Presidents of Sales
  • Directors/Vice Presidents of Marketing
  • Directors/Vice Presidents of Product Management


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