We know the B2B mindset!

You want a hunter… they send you a farmer…
Frustrating isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you want to partner with
a recruiting firm that “gets it”?

Not only do we know it when we see it, we know where to find it.

And our starting point, literally, are the thousands of sales profiles that we have attracted to our database over decades of sales search.

We do what you don’t have time to do!

  • Digging out the accomplished B2B candidates is time consuming and hard! Sales achievers are not kept in lockers for easy retrieval!
  • Our recruiters bang out hundreds of phone calls, push out hundreds of emails – pitching your message, networking, headhunting, asking for referrals.
  • Our researchers send out hundreds of contacts on social media.
  • We screen literally thousands of recruitment ad responses to find the needles in the haystack – the top 20 percenters that you want on your team!

We’ll help you build your team! What’s your business?

  • Copiers, payroll, uniforms, advertising, hardware, software, telecommunications, networks, wireless, logistics, healthcare – we recruit them all! Let us help you get “feet on the street”!

Contact us today regarding your B2B sales search needs!