We Know the Medical Sales Mindset

“You have sent me ten candidates from across the country, and they are all exact fits. I no longer even need to screen your candidates… You guys get it, [the other recruiters] don’t.”

Recent comment from a surgical device HR Rep

We Have Years of Experience in Medical, Medical Device
and Pharmaceutical Sales Search

  • We made 22 placements over a two-year span with a pre-IPO device company that was doubling their sales force. We made 29 placements in four years with them.
  • We have made nearly 300 placements with a prominent pharmaceutical firm since 2002. As of 2014, 80% of those hires are still with the company. As a result, we are currently the company’s main recruiting firm nationwide.
  • We made eight placements with an start-up surgical device company that was ultimately purchased by an international giant. The parent company continues to be a client today.
  • We placed 26 sales reps with a dermatology company representing 60% of their sales force across the US. They were merged into an international giant.
  • We have been a preferred partner with a prominent surgical device manufacturer for many years. Our first placement with them from 1994 was their #1 sales person in the nation in 2014. Our second placement with them from 1996 is an International VP with them today.

“My Division finished in the Top 15% nationally…   Looking over my roster – a lot of them came from National Register over the past four years.”

Top-ranked district manager from a pharmaceutical company

Wouldn’t you want to partner with
a recruiting firm that “gets it”?

Not only do we know it when we see it, we know where to find it.

And our starting point, literally, are the thousands of sales profiles that we have attracted to our database over decades of sales search.

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